KC Book would like to announce our partnership with The Fulfillment House in Kearney, Missouri. We are hoping that our customers will be able to take advantage of this great organization and utilize their fulfillment and shipping services. These services would allow you to save all freight from KC Book to your current location while also lowering your fulfillment expenses. Delivery to the Fulfillment House from KC Book is included in the printing price.

The Fulfillment House is a passion project for local business owners of Paradigm Direct. Their aim is to help guide family and friends who have children with special needs transitioning into adult years to sustain a fulfilling lifestyle. The Job Coaches work hand in hand with the Production Associates. Based on their abilities, there are a wide range of jobs completed which include moving, packaging, sealing and labeling from full box orders to single package orders. Needless to say, the Associates add a special touch to every package with their own personal “packaged by” insert card included.
The Fulfillment House wants to offer their services to your company in order to increase production levels and provide more opportunities for the Associates. At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel valuable and accomplished. Understanding their abilities and contributions is very satisfying.

KC Book has been delivering printed books to them for years. We only have great things to say about the organization and everyone involved. I know that this will be a great partnership for your company and KC Book. If this opportunity for fulfillment would work for your organization and save you costs, you would also be helping an Associate with their life goals.

For more information about their services please contact

The Fulfillment House

Abigail Deiter 816‐635‐7049

Hours 9:00‐3:00 CST






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